Thanksgiving 2021

The simple meaning of ‘Thanksgiving‘ is the expression of gratitude and the giving of thanks. Thanksgiving Day is simply directed towards the Almighty. God has created all of us and He has provided all the necessary things for our survival in this world. No matter how tough our life could be but He is always there to take care of us and to give us all the good things. So we express our gratitude towards Him and thank him for the kindness and blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us. To praise Him we verbally express admiration towards Him to honor and glorify His greatness with prayers and songs. At the heart of the celebration of Thanks Giving is the idea of giving thanks for the goodness of the season past.

So gear up to have a fun filled Thanksgiving this year. Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !!!

Thanksgiving Recipes




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Continental Congress (1782)
George Washington’s (1789)
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