Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID19 Pandemic

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Just like the other occasions of 2021, Thanksgiving too would be a lot different this year because of COVID-19 virus spread. And to keep one safe and maintain the social distancing here are some great ideas you can choose to make this virtual Thanksgiving a fun day and be thankful for all the things we … Read more

Movies to watch on Thanksgiving


The Thanksgiving is a time to take bunch of of the things we are grateful for.. Below is a list of the top movies for Thanksgiving in which everybody celebrates the same way, as ranked by the visitors. Check out the top Thanksgiving movies in our list to watch this year. If you are looking … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Games For Adults

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Thanksgiving is a special time where family and friends gather to celebrate all the things they’re thankful for. Below you’ll find a variety of Thanksgiving game ideas for engaging your guests over the party and make it a memorable one! Thanksgiving Dinner “I Ate” All the players sit in a circle. The first player starts … Read more

Thanksgiving Games For Family

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Here is a great collection Thanksgiving games which can be played with family. These games will surely make your Thanksgiving a great experience. These games are simple and easy to learn. Anybody can play including small kids. These good group games which will make the Thanksgiving festivities fun filled. Candy Corn Toss This is a … Read more

Thanksgiving Games For Preschoolers

Thanksgiving Games For Preschoolers

Source: pinterest Candy Corn Toss This is a very simple funny and delicious games for preschoolers. What you need is a couple of bags of candy corn (or any candy) , a chair, and a small bowl. The kids will kneel on a chair and drop pieces of candy corn, one at a time, into … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

The Thanksgiving Day is the time when the harvest is in and it is also the perfect time for the families to get together, give thanks, have Thanksgiving feast and enjoy the Thanksgiving party. The new and innovative party ideas will certainly make your Thanksgiving party lively and unforgettable for your family, friends and other … Read more

Short Thanksgiving Stories

SHORT THANKSGIVING STORIES Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings a perfect time for the families and friends to gather and inspire all of them to give thanks to the Almighty for everything that He has done for their good. On this day the families gather to share a little time together, to share the thanksgiving … Read more

Thanksgiving Quotes

The term ‘Thanksgiving’ not only means expressing gratitude towards somebody but it also symbolizes the wonderful feeling of giving thanks. Many scholars have realized the richness of this term and therefore they have expressed their views on ‘gratitude’ or the ‘thanksgiving’ in the form of quotes and famous sayings. The Thanksgiving Day is a perfect … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Poems

Turkey Warning  (Author Unknown) Tell me, Mr. Turkey,  Don’t you feel afraid When you hear us talking ‘Bout the plans we’ve made? Can’t you hear us telling How we’re going to eat Cranberries and stuffing With our turkey meat? Turkey, heed my warning:  Better fly away;  Or you will be sorry On Thanksgiving day.  Gathering Leaves  (Robert … Read more

Thanksgiving Poem For Child

Funny Bird  (Author Unknown)  A turkey is a funny bird,  Its head goes wobble, wobble,  All it knows is just one word,  “Gobble, gobble, gobble.”  Harvest  John Charles McNeill, 1874-1907 Cows in the stall and sheep in the fold;  Clouds in the west, deep crimson and gold;  A heron’s far flight to a roost somewhere;  The … Read more

Thanksgiving Poems

  Thanksgiving Time  The year has turned its circle,  The seasons come and go.  The harvest all is gathered in And chilly north winds blow.  Orchards have shared their treasures,  The fields, their yellow grain,  So open wide the doorway — Thanksgiving comes again!  Thanksgiving Time  (Author Unknown)  When all the leaves are off the … Read more

Kid Thanksgiving Poem

Pumpkin Poem  One day I found two pumpkin seeds.  I planted one and pulled the weeds.  It sprouted roots and a big, long vine.  A pumpkin grew; I called it mine.  The pumpkin was quite round and fat.  (I really am quite proud of that.)  But there is something I’ll admit That has me worried … Read more

Thanksgiving Poems

The Thanksgiving poems are especially written for the Thanksgiving Day. The melody of these poems is enjoyed on this day not only by the children but also by the adults. In fact the entire family can recite these melodious Thanksgiving Poems. No matter it is a solo performance or in chorus, these poems whenever recited … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Jokes Humor

Thanksgiving Day jokes are a very good idea to fill the atmosphere with laughter and to bring broad smiles on the faces of your loved ones. For the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day there are various Thanksgiving jokes, which are very popular among the people. So collect the funny jokes for the day and let … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Games Ideas for Kids

There are many Thanksgiving special games which people prefer to play on the Thanksgiving Day. These are not only easy to play indoor and outdoor games but the players also derive ultimate pleasure while playing them. Although ‘Football’ is played with very much interest on the Thanksgiving Day but there are other games, which are … Read more

Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Kids

The Thanksgiving Day is an important occasion for the families because it is the perfect time when the families gather at one place and spend some time together. They have their dinner together and love to spend their time talking to each other and having fun throughout the festive season. Add more fun to this … Read more