Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas


Thanksgiving Day is not only a celebration of the pilgrims, of the beauty of fall and turkey but also a perfect holiday when families and friends gather to give thanks, to have Thanksgiving dinner and to enjoy the weekend together. As they gather around the Thanksgiving table, the table takes the center stage. So why not decorate Thanksgiving table with quick, easy and beautiful Thanksgiving decoration ideas and add some spice to Thanksgiving celebrations. Here we give you some Thanksgiving table decoration ideas for setting a Thanksgiving table so that you could impress all the guests at your party with your excellent skills.

How To Decorate Thanksgiving Table

1. Select a tablecloth or table runner, done in autumn-themed prints for the Thanksgiving table. You can also use white butcher’s paper as a tablecloth and decorate it with the figurines of turkeys, pumpkins, autumn leaves, and pilgrims. It would give your table a traditional Thanksgiving look.

2. Use your plastic place mats with a complete artistic look on this Thanksgiving. Decorate the plastic place mats by sticking fall leaves and feathers to them with a glue stick.

3. While decorating the Thanksgiving table for a family dinner add a decorative touch to your preparations with fancy folded napkins. You can choose either paper napkins or cloth napkins. Among the cloth napkins there are cloth as well as linen napkins, which would certainly add a touch of class to your decorations.

4. Centerpieces also make your table more attractive. You can use a variety of items as centerpiece such as traditional cornucopia centerpiece, a basket of fresh fruits, an autumn floral arrangement, autumn-colored candles set in wooden or rustic metal candleholders, pine cones, a large, hollowed-out pumpkin filled with dry fruits. Scatter fall leaves, wheat sprigs, clusters of berries, nuts, and mini pumpkins around your centerpiece.

5. Collect some autumn leaves. Take a rectangle flat tray and glue the autumn leaves on the tray in such a way that it appears as if “Thanksgiving” is embossed on the tray. Put this Thanksgiving tray on your Thanksgiving table and enjoy the festivities.