How To Plan Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are some simple tips on how to plan Thanksgiving dinner. Plan Thanksgiving dinner in advance for maximum fun. This article will tell you how to organize Thanksgiving dinner. So, here you go with an amazing Thanksgiving dinner plan.

Thanksgiving is the time when all members of the family and friends are together and you want flawless arrangements for which you are always hunting for an awesome Thanksgiving Plan. Especially if you are hosting dinner for the first time you want to plan thanksgiving dinner that is magnificent. Preparations for Thanksgiving dinner start a month prior so that you are stress free and can have maximum fun. We have a few simple tips on how to organize Thanksgiving Dinner.

How to Plan Thanksgiving Dinner

Make the guest list
It the first thing to be done while you plan Thanksgiving dinner because the number of members and their choice need to be kept in mind before deciding the menu.

Decide the menu
Thanksgiving dinner include appetizers, main course, side dishes, desserts and wine. To prepare these dishes it is important that you know what are the ingredients and the method. Choose dishes, which are easy to make, and the ones that you are confident of making. Plan thanksgiving dinner menu in advance so that you have the idea about the dinnerware needed. Make sure that for vegetarian guests there are some good vegetarian dishes too.

Make a List of thing you need
Now, prepare a list of ingredients that you will need to prepare the dinner. Go according to the menu. Make sure that you are not missing out on anything. Check all the ingredients that are already there in the kitchen.

Invite your friends
Now, it is the time to invite your friends. You call make a call to them or write to them. This will help you to know how many people are sure of coming. There might be a few who might be doubtful.

Set the table
When you know the menu, decide on the table setting. Choose wine glasses, dinnerware, table cover, table decoration, etc. Set the table according to the number of people and the dishes. There might be things that you will have to buy like napkins, table cover etc.

Check your appliances
Thermometer, oven, blender etc are generally used so make sure they are clean and ready to use. Clean your refrigerator and make space for the Thanksgiving dishes. You should have all the utensils ready.

Cleaning and decoration
You can start cleaning your house three weeks before Thanksgiving, as it will dilute the stress for Christmas and New Year cleaning also. Buy new decorations for the house. You can decorate the house a week before Thanksgiving so that you can get the feel of the occasion.

Prepare some dishes in advance
It is one of the most important works which needs perfect timing. For this follow this Thanksgiving dinner plan –

  • One month before the dinner – Buy a turkey according to the number of guests. Freeze it and prepare the stock for gravy.
  • Two weeks before the dinner – Make cheesecakes and freeze. Prepare dough for the crust of the pie, roll and make the crust and freeze. Prepare stuffing for the turkey.
  • Within one week of the dinner – Prepare cranberry sauce, defrost the turkey, and prepare other dishes. Thaw the piecrust and cheesecake and refrigerate.
  • One day before the dinner – Make the pie, chop vegetables and prepare sweet potatoes.
  • Day of the dinner – Roast the turkey, cut salads, and prepare appetizers and little other things that need to be done.

We hope that these tips on how to plan the thanksgiving dinner are really helpful to you. So go ahead and throw a party for your loved one with a perfect Thanksgiving plan.