Thanksgiving Songs

Thanksgiving Day is the time to enjoy as much as you can. There are very few occasions when the entire family gathers to spend some time together. The Thanksgiving Day is one of those few occasions. Make this day memorable by celebrating it in a musical mood. There are Thanksgiving Songs, which are specially sung on this day. You can sing these songs in a group as chorus with the other members of your family. Singing in this way with your family will surely be a lot of fun and pleasure. Here are some such Thanksgiving songs for you… 

1.  All Things Bright and Beautiful
2.  Come, Ye Thankful People Come
3.  Faith of Our Fathers
4.  For the Beauty of the Earth
5.  Grandma Stuffed the Turkey
6.  Here We Go Over to Silly Tilly’s
7.  Now Thank We All our God 
8.  Over the river and through the wood
9.  Singing, the Reapers Homeward Come
10. To Gramma’s House
11. We Gather Together