Singing, the Reapers Homeward Come

(Author Unknown)

Singing, the reapers homeward come, Io! Io! 
Merrily singing the harvest home, Io! Io! 
Along the field, along the road, 
Where autumn is scattering leaves abroad, 
Homeward cometh the ripe last load, Io! Io! Singers are filling the twilight dim
With cheerful song, Io! Io! 
The spirit of song ascends to Him
Who causeth the corn to grow. 
He freely sent the gentle rain, 
The summer sun glorified hill and plain, 
To golden perfection brought the grain, Io! Io! Silently, nightly, fell the dew, 
Gently the rain, Io! Io! 
But who can tell how the green corn grew, 
Or who beheld it grow? 
Oh! God the good, in sun and rain, 
He looked on the flourishing fields and grain, 
Till they all appeared on hill and plain
Like living gold, Io! Io!

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