Thanksgiving Funny Turkey Craft

This lovely Thanksgiving funny turkey craft is just perfect for Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Material Required
1. Two Toilet paper tubes
2. One Brown construction paper
3. One Yellow construction paper
4. One Red construction paper
5. One White construction paper
6. One Black construction paper
7. Pencil
8. Glue
9. Scissors
10. Watercolor paints
11. Paintbrush
12. Stapler

The Making:

  • Take the white construction paper and trace your palm on it with the help of pencil. Make sure that you leave sufficient margins to cut the pattern out.
  • Cut out the pattern of your palm.
  • Now color the palm pattern with different watercolor paints.
  • Put the colored pattern a side and let the paint dry.
  • Cut out another small piece of white paper in rectangular shape and write “Thanksgiving” on it.
  • Then take one of the toilet paper tubes and cut it in half.
  • Now take the brown construction paper and cut it out to fit around the two toilet paper tubes and staple it on to the tubes.
  • Staple the two tubes together in such a way that the shorter tube is on top of the longer one.
  • Now take the yellow construction paper and cut out a beak of the turkey and feet of the turkey out of it.
  • Then take the red construction paper and cut a gobbler of the turkey out of it.
  • Then take the white and black construction papers and cut eyes of the turkey out of these papers.
  • Attach the eyes, beak, feet, and gobbler to the tubes with glue.
  • Staple the feathers to the back of the tubes when the feathers are dry.
  • Finally attach the “Thanksgiving” tag also to the funny turkey.