Short Thanksgiving Stories


Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings a perfect time for the families and friends to gather and inspire all of them to give thanks to the Almighty for everything that He has done for their good. On this day the families gather to share a little time together, to share the thanksgiving dinner, to reflect on the past and to create sweet memories for the future. So this inspirational thanksgiving captures the spirit of this wonderful holiday when the families sit together and share the thanksgiving stories and thanksgiving tales with each other. It is the day when families not only get an opportunity to communicate with one another but also have loads of fun with each other.

Inspirational Thanksgiving
Although we all know that God is always with us to guide us throughout our lives and for that we are all thankful to Him. But the Thanksgiving Day is meant to inspire all of us to remember the Lord and give Him thanks for all that He has done for us. We thank Him for the sweet family, for the delicious dinner, for the turkey and for all other things that He has blessed us with. This ‘giving thanks to the Lord’ is the very spirit of the thanksgiving celebrations. God has always been there for us and on the Thanksgiving Day we let Him realize that we also care for Him and love Him. ~ Ashthe

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a special holiday when we give thanks to God and also to those who ever helped us in one way or the other. To me this holiday means eating turkey and enjoying the day with my family. Two months back I was suffering from some physical sickness. At that time it was my loving family that supported me a lot. I want to thank my family on this Thanksgiving Day. I have planned that I will thank them all with special gifts. ~ Jecika B.

Thanksgiving Spirit

Few years back on one Thanksgiving Day I went to the store to buy turkey with my parents. After buying it when we were coming back to home we saw an accident. A car hit a young girl and fled away. The poor girl was slightly injured and needed help. We took her to the doctor and then dropped her to her home. Her mother thanked us again and again. That day I realized the true spirit of thanksgiving. ~ Peter Austin

Special Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day is the holiday that I celebrate with my family every year. But this year I am far from my family because of my studies. Yet I am excited to have fun on this day. For the first time I would be cooking the turkey sandwiches myself. I have only seen my mother cooking the turkey dishes and I am thankful to her that she helped me learn cooking them myself. Of course there would be no taste in the thanksgiving dinner without the turkey items. So I feel that this is going to be a real special thanksgiving for me when I would not be with my family.

My Thanksgiving Story
It was on a thanksgiving day when I was playing thanksgiving games with my friends. We decided to play ‘turkey hunt’. Instantly we did not find a suitable thing to hide as the turkey so we took a lunch box and put a turkey cutlet into it. We used that lunchbox for our game in place of turkey. And it was decided that the one who seeks the box would get the cutlet, as the prize, that was put in that lunchbox. The game started and we all had very much fun in the game while seeking the so-called turkey (the lunchbox). Finally when I found the lunchbox everyone was surprised to see that the turkey cutlet was not there. And only then we came to know that John, who was assigned to hide the cutlet in the box had eaten it instead. And we were all playing the game for an empty lunchbox. Still we enjoyed the game a lot. ~ Martin Milton