Thanksgiving Games For Preschoolers

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Candy Corn Toss

This is a very simple funny and delicious games for preschoolers. What you need is a couple of bags of candy corn (or any candy) , a chair, and a small bowl. The kids will kneel on a chair and drop pieces of candy corn, one at a time, into the bowl on the floor. The child who gets the most corn in the glass wins ! Easy simple games for small kids ! Just set it up and preschoolers will have fun ! Later on they can eat them as part of the Thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

A perfect kids friendly Thanksgiving Bingo Cards game which is just right for SCHOOL THANKSGIVING event. This Thanksgiving bingo game has adorable features, festive designs and fall colors to match the season. Thanksgiving Bingo game comes with player chips, caller chips and game instructions. It is a reusable game. It will provide good entertainment for all the kids.

Pumpkin Pass

Pumpkin Pass is a great outdoors game to play with the preschoolers to play. Divide your class into 2 teams and have them stand in two single lines. Give the first child in each line a mini sized pumpkin. Have them place the pumpkin under their chin and place their hands behind their back. Now they have to pass the pumpkin to the child standing behind them without using their hands. The first team to pass the pumpkin to the last player wins the Thanksgiving party game.

Thanksgiving Ring Toss Game For Preschoolers

A fun Thanksgiving game which is enjoyed by all kids. A great game to play with preschoolers. It is simple and easy to use and can be quickly inflated . It is made of thick waterproof material that ensures it will last a long time. These are lightweight, foldable and portable, so you can carry them with you easily.

Thanksgiving Relay

Thanksgiving Relay is a great way to keep preschoolers entertained. You will need a small to medium sized pumpkin for each team. Mark a finish line at the end of the yard. Divide the group up into teams of two. Have one child from each team stand at the finish line, and one person from each team stands at the start line. Give each player at the start line a pumpkin and have them place it on their heads. When you say “GO!” they will run with the pumpkin on their heads to their team mate and give them the pumpkin. They must run with the pumpkin back to the start line. The team who finishes first wins the game. If any one drops the pumpkin, they have to go back to the start line and start all over again. Kids are going to love it.

Pin The Hat on The Turkey 

A super fun Thanksgiving party game for small kids. They will have lots of fun. All the kids love to play this game. Easy to understand. Brings out lots of squeals and laughter from the little ones. It is vibrant, durable and re-usable.

Thanksgiving Bocce Ball

Thanksgiving Bocce is a great game for small kids. It can be played outdoors. This will be a fun way to put a Thanksgiving twist to a classic game. Have a large pumpkin set out in the yard several feet away from the start line. Give each player a small pumpkin. Each player takes turns rolling their pumpkin towards the big pumpkin. The kid who gets their pumpkin closest to the big pumpkin without going past it wins the game. Everyone playing the game will get a kick out of playing with pumpkins instead off bocce balls. Give out Thanksgiving themed party gifts as prizes to the winners.

Turkey Hanging Toss Game 

Great Thanksgiving activity which will surely make your Thanksgiving party great fun. Very easy to play. The preschoolers are surely going to have a blast. A good quality and durable game for your Thanksgiving event. Let the kids have a great fun time.

Pilgrim Joe Says

Pilgrim Joe Says “have fun at Thanksgiving!” This game is a Thanksgiving version of Simon Says. Select one kid to be the leader, he / she will be Pilgrim Joe. Pilgrim Joe will tell the group of pilgrims what to do to get to the Thanksgiving feast. The group of pilgrims have to pay attention to what he says. They can only perform that action if he says “Pilgrim Joe Says” first. If someone is caught moving around but he didn’t say “Pilgrim Joe Says” then they are out of the game. The last person standing wins the game and will be the next Thanksgiving Pilgrim Joe. The teacher can start the games once and make the preschoolers understand the games.

Thanksgiving Turkey Scratch Off Cards

These scratch-off card sets are sure to bring a touch of fun and excitement to every Thanksgiving gathering. “Scratch & Win!” Scratch-offs are a fun way to get all the kids involved. These cards can easily be scratched off with a pencil.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt is one of the most likes games by kids. Cut out 20 turkeys (just draw around you hand for a perfect turkey shape) and 20 pumpkins out of chart paper. Hide the shapes around the class room before the kids arrive. Tell the kids to search the class room to see who can find the most Thanksgiving shapes within 15 mins. The kid with the most shapes collected wins the game. Give the winner a special Thanksgiving party favor.

Make A Turkey Stickers

Kids can DIY their own turkey with this funny Make-A-Turkey game. Dress up the turkey using these stickers, let girls and boys create original sticker art all their own.  These thanksgiving turkey stickers can be used multiple times by gentle peeling, lifting and re-sticking each piece. After the child has finished the work, can use the dot glue to attach it to the wall or window, keep this excellent moment forever

Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim

Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim is a Thanksgiving version of pin the tail on the donkey. You will need to draw a large face onto a piece on poster board. Then you will need to cut out several pilgrim hats out of construction paper. You can use a piece of tape instead of a pin for safety reasons. Blind fold the kids and have them spin around, then walk up to the pilgrim face and try to tape the hat in the right spot. The person with the hat closest to the right spot wins the game. The winner gets a special Thanksgiving personalized party favor.