Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Kids

The Thanksgiving Day is an important occasion for the families because it is the perfect time when the families gather at one place and spend some time together. They have their dinner together and love to spend their time talking to each other and having fun throughout the festive season. Add more fun to this Thanksgiving Day and be ready to enjoy the day in an extreme joyous mood with the various fun filled activities. Here are some Thanksgiving activity ideas for kids.

Crack Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Day special jokes are a very good idea to fill the atmosphere with laughter and to bring broad smiles on the faces of your loved ones. For the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day there are various Thanksgiving jokes, which are very popular among the people. So collect the funny jokes for the day and let your family enjoy the festival with echo of laughter. Sharing jokes is a real good thing to do on the Thanksgiving Day.

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles for Kids

Thanksgiving Jokes

Uncle Amon has created another instant classic for kids! This hilarious Thanksgiving joke book is filled with lots of funny jokes and riddles about anything and everything to do with turkey day. 

Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book Thanksgiving

Jokes Every Kid Should Know for Turkey Day

Use this book at your Thanksgiving dinner table and will hear nothing but laughter!!! A collection of very funny joke books for kids to share with family during the Thanksgiving celebration!

Play Games

There are many Thanksgiving special games which people prefer to play on the Thanksgiving Day. These are not only easy to play indoor and outdoor games but the players also derive ultimate pleasure while playing them. Although ‘Football’ is played with very much interest on the Thanksgiving Day but there are other games, which are equally interesting and sometimes even more fun filled. So chose some of such really interesting games to play with your family members on this Thanksgiving Day.

Bean Bag Toss Games

Thanksgiving Toss Game For Children And Family

 Thanksgiving Harvest themed pumpkin toss game. Great for fall harvest party indoor or outdoor activity. Easy to play for all ages.

 Thanksgiving Charades Game

Classic Thanksgiving Charade

 A Classic and Original Thanksgiving Game which is perfect for your Thanksgiving day celebration. This is a favorite of all Thanksgiving party games. 

Sing Songs or Poems

There are very few occasions when the entire family gathers to spend some time together. Thanksgiving Day is one of those few occasions. Make this day memorable by celebrating it in a musical mood. There are Thanksgiving Songs and similarly Thanksgiving Poems, which are specially sung on this day. You can sing these songs and poems in a group as chorus with the members of your family. Singing in this way with your family will surely be a lot of fun and pleasure.

Thanksgiving Songs for Preschool and Kindergarten

Kids Songs for Thanksgiving

Drama and Play

On the Thanksgiving Day you can have fun through drama also. This will not only give you a chance to remember the history and origin of Thanksgiving Day but also let you relate the relevance of Thanksgiving celebrations to modern times. This way it will make this day even more special for you. You can play the drama of the pilgrims having the first Thanksgiving feast. Arrange the traditional clothes of the pilgrims and try to follow their appearance and expressions to make the drama more realistic.

Pilgrim Girl Costume

A perfect outfit for turkey day. You will love this traditional take on a classic favorite. 

Fleece Turkey Costume

Soft fleece turkey costume comes complete with turkey headpiece, jumpsuit and bright yellow shoe covers good for your Thanksgiving play or drama.

These Thanksgiving activities are not only for kids but grown ups too. So make this Thanksgiving Day interesting with these activities.