Thanksgiving Games For Family

Here is a great collection Thanksgiving games which can be played with family. These games will surely make your Thanksgiving a great experience. These games are simple and easy to learn. Anybody can play including small kids. These good group games which will make the Thanksgiving festivities fun filled.

Candy Corn Toss

This is a sweet Thanksgiving party game that should be played after the feast. Kids kneel on a chair and drop pieces of candy corn, one at a time, into a glass on the floor. The person who gets the most corn in the glass wins! What you need is a couple of bags of candy corn, a chair, and a small glass. What you need to do is very little! Just set it up and folks will have fun! Now I know the adults will want to participate in this game. So create teams combining the young and old. Eat them as part of the Thanksgiving dessert.

Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a centuries old game that is customarily played during the harvest season which makes this a perfect Thanksgiving game. Use a large wash tub filled with water and float several apples in it. Have guests hold their hands behind their backs and try to grab an apple using only their mouth. Since this game can get a little messy, you may want to play Apple Bobbing after the big Thanksgiving dinner. Candied apples might be a fun prize for this Thanksgiving party game.

Thanksgiving Charades Game

A Thanksgiving party isn’t complete without the classic Thanksgiving Charades game. This cult classic is a favorite for all Thanksgiving party games.

Pumpkin Pass

Pumpkin Pass is a great outdoors game to play while the kids are waiting for the adults to say the Thanksgiving grace. Divide your players up into two teams and have them stand in two single file lines. Give the first person in each line a mini sized pumpkin. Have them place the pumpkin under their chin and place their hands behind their back. Now they have to pass the pumpkin to the person behind them without using their hands. The first team to pass the pumpkin to the last player wins the Thanksgiving party game.

Thanksgiving Relay

The Thanksgiving Relay is a great way to keep kids entertained before you say your Thanksgiving grace. You will need a small to medium sized pumpkin for each team. Mark a finish line at the end of the yard. Divide the group up into teams of two. Have one person from each team stand at the finish line, and one person from each team stands at the start line. Give each player at the start line a pumpkin and have them place it on their heads. When you say “GO!” they will run with the pumpkin on their heads to their team mate and give them the pumpkin. They must run with the pumpkin back to the start line. The team who finishes first wins the game. If any one drops the pumpkin, they have to go back to the start line and start all over again.

Pie Face

Pie Face is a great game to play after Thanksgiving dinner. You will need a pie pan and a piece of gum for each player. Place a piece of unwrapped bubble gum in the pie pan and cover the whole pan with whipped cream. Have the guests hold their hands behind their back. Tell them to find the bubble gum and be the first player to blow a bubble. The first player to blow a bubble wins the game. The kids will end up with whipped cream all over their face so make sure you take pictures of their pie faces! Have Thanksgiving party favors for all the players so everyone will fell like a winner.

Thanksgiving Word Contest

The Thanksgiving Word Contest is a great game to keep the kids entertained before the big turkey dinner. Give each player a piece of paper and a pencil. Have them write the word “THANKSGIVING” at the top of their paper. Set a timer for 10 minutes and tell them to write down as many words as they can using the letters in Thanksgiving. When the 10 minutes are up, see who wrote down the most correct words. Give a special prize like a Thanksgiving themed party favor to the winner.

Pin The Tail on The Turkey

Pin The tails on the turkey game is a great gam for a thanksgiving party. Its a huge hit and all guests will enjoy with turkey game

Pilgrim Pictures

Pilgrim Pictures is a fun activity to keep the kids busy at your Thanksgiving party and it also makes a great keepsake for the kids to take home. Take a Polaroid picture of each child. Now have the kids help you make pilgrim picture frames out of construction paper. You can easily make a pilgrim out of black and white construction paper. Leave an area cut out where the pilgrim face would be. Now glue the Polaroid picture into place where the face would be. Now they can see how they would look dressed as a pilgrim! Also, put the Thanksgiving party year onto the frame. Everyone can look at it as one of the best Thanksgiving party favors ever!

Turkey Race

The Turkey Race is a great game for kids to play and use up their extra energy. Take 4 oranges 4 pairs of panty hose. Drop one orange into the foot of a pair of panty hose and tie the other leg around your waist so that it dangles just above floor level between your ankles. Place one orange in front of you and try to swing the dangling orange so that it hits the orange on the floor. Try to be the first one to get the orange across the room to the finish line. Don’t use your hands! Your Thanksgiving guests will love watching the kids play this game.

Coin Pitch

Coin Pitch is a classic children’s game that can be played at Thanksgiving and is very easy to set up. You can used a hollowed pumpkin left over from a pumpkin pie and a few pennies. Give each player some coins and have them stand a few feet away from the hollowed pumpkin. They try to toss the coins into the pumpkin, each coin that makes it into the pumpkin is worth a piece of candy. Play this game after the Thanksgiving dinner since the kids will want to eat their candy ASAP!

Thanksgiving Bocce Ball

Thanksgiving Bocce is a great holiday game and should be played outdoors. This will be a fun way to put a Thanksgiving twist on a classic game. Have a large pumpkin set out in the yard several feet away from the start line. Give each player a small pumpkin. Each player takes turns rolling their pumpkin towards the big pumpkin. The person who gets their pumpkin closest to the big pumpkin without going past it wins the game. Everyone playing the game will get a kick out of playing with pumpkins instead off bocce balls. Give out Thanksgiving themed party gifts as prizes to the winners.

Secret Thanksgiving Words

Shhh, don’t say the secret Thanksgiving words! Make a list of secret words such as turkey, pie, pilgrim, food etc.. Each player will have a small paper sack with 10 tickets in it. Each time someone hears them saying one of the secret Thanksgiving words they get to take a ticket. The person with the most tickets at the end of the game wins! Have a Thanksgiving prize table set up. Whoever has the most tickets picks the first Thankgiving prize. Then the person with the 2nd most tickets goes next and so on. This way everyone gets a Thanksgiving party favor.

Make A Pilgrim

Make a Pilgrim is a great Thanksgiving game that will be a hit with the kids at any party. You will need an even amount of players and several toilet paper rolls. Divide your guests into teams of two players each. Each team should have a “pilgrim” and a “costume designer”. The costume designer has to design a pilgrim costume on their partner as quickly as possible. When the pilgrim is completely dressed, they will then break out of their costume and then start dressing up their partner. The team to dress each other first wins the Thanksgiving party game.

Pilgrim Joe Says

Pilgrim Joe Says “have fun at Thanksgiving!” This game is a Thanksgiving version of Simon Says. Select one person to be the leader, they will be Pilgrim Joe. Pilgrim Joe will tell the group of pilgrims what to do to get to the Thanksgiving feast. The group of pilgrims have to pay attention to what he says. They can only perform that action if he says “Pilgrim Joe Says” first. If someone is caught moving around but he didn’t say “Pilgrim Joe Says” then they are out of the game. The last person standing wins the game and will be the next Thanksgiving Pilgrim Joe.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

The Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt will keep the kids busy until It’s time to eat the Thanksgiving feast. Cut out 20 turkeys (just draw around you hand for a perfect turkey shape) and 20 pumpkins out of construction paper. Hide the shapes around the house before the guests arrive. Tell the kids to search the house to see who can find the most Thanksgiving shapes before dinner is served. The player with the most shapes collected wins the game. Give the winner a special Thanksgiving party favor.

Thanksgiving Operator

Thanksgiving Operator gives your younger party guests a chance to see what life would planning a party would be like without a telephone. Have the guests sit in a circle. Designate one person to start the “Thanksgiving telephone conversation”. The first person will think of a traditional Thanksgiving dish. If they pick mashed potatoes, then they would say “Please bring the mashed potatoes to my Thanksgiving party” to the person on their right. That person would then think of a dish to add to the list. If they pick green beans, then they would say “Please bring the mashed potatoes and green beans to my Thanksgiving party”. This continues around the group until one person messes up. Then the Thanksgiving game can start over again.

Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim

Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim is a Thanksgiving version of pin the tail on the donkey. You will need to draw a large face onto a piece on poster board. Then you will need to cut out several pilgrim hats out of construction paper. You can use a piece of tape instead of a pin for safety reasons. Blind fold the guest and have them spin around, then walk up to the pilgrim face and try to tape the hat in the right spot. The person with the hat closest to the right spot wins the game. The winner gets a special Thankgiving personalized party favor.

Gingerbread Pilgrims

Gingerbread Pilgrims is a fun activity for kids to play after their delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Before the party, have several gingerbread men and gingerbread women baked. Gather edible ingredients for the smaller guests to decorate the cookies with. Tell them they are creating gingerbread pilgrims. The kids will enjoy the activity and the rest of the guests at the Thanksgiving party will love eating them for dessert.

Flying Thanksgiving Corn

Flying Thanksgiving corns keeps your guests on their toes. Play this party game at the start of the festivities outside. Pair the players into teams of two and give each a small dryed corn stalk. Have the guests face each other and stand about 4 feet apart in a line. Everyone on one side tosses the corn to their partner on the other side all at the same time. That partner then takes one step back and passes the corn back. This is repeated over and over again until the corn is dropped. The team who doesn’t drop their corn wins the game. Personalized party favors with the date is a nice keepsake for the guests to always remember this Thanksgiving party.