Thanksgiving Candle Craft

Materials Required:
1. An empty wine bottle (or any other bottle),
2. Colored paper (color of your choice),
3. Construction paper (golden or yellow),
4. Pencil,
5. Scissors,
6. Glue,
7. Sparkles
8. CrayonsThe Making:

  • Take the colored paper and cut it into pieces so that it fits the size of bottle from outside.
  • Stick the cut pieces of colored paper all around the bottle with the help of glue. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the paper.
  • Write “Thanksgiving Day” or “Turkey Day” on the paper.
  • Then draw images all around what you have written, such as turkey, pilgrim boy, pilgrim girl, pumpkin, corns, maple and autumn leaves etc. on the bottle wrapped with paper.
  • Decorate the images with sparkles.
  • Take the golden or yellow paper and draw a flame on it.
  • Cut the flame area from the paper and stick it on the top of the bottle to give it a look of candle tip.
Put this lovely handmade thanksgiving pillar candle in the center of the thanksgiving dinner table and get ready to receive compliments on your skills.