The Cornucopia

Hang this lovely Cornucopia at the main door of your home and let it welcome your guests on the Thanksgiving Day.

Materials Required:

1. Copper wire mesh
2. Mini pinecones
3. Wet floral foam
4. 1-Quart plastic deli container
5. Grasses
6. Eucalyptus pods
7. Amaranths
8. Adhesive putty

The Making: 

  • Make a cone from the copper wire mesh. With the help of the wire stitch the seam closed on the back and also create a hanging loop at the top of the cone.
  • Now fill the bottom of the cone with miniature pinecones.
  • Now set the clear 1-quart plastic deli container in at the top. The container should sit about an inch below the top of the cone.
  • Then fill the plastic container with wet floral foam so that the arrangement is kept fresh for a longer time.
  • Arrange in such a way that the container and foam is disguised with more mini pinecones that are inserted between the container and the mesh cone.
  • Finally, create an arrangement with a variety of grasses such as dusty miller, eucalyptus pods, draping amaranths, miniature pinecones, and wheat-like green grasses.
  • Use the removable adhesive putty to secure the pointed end of the cone and also to keep the arrangement upright.