Thanksgiving Wreath

On the Thanksgiving Day greet the guests with the Thanksgiving Wreath, made by you. Add wings to your imaginations and prepare Thanksgiving Wreath at home with us. First of all you will need to buy certain materials from any crafts store in the market for making the Thanksgiving Wreath. Once you start making it yourself you are definitely going to enjoy the process. So spend a little time in making the Wreath and having fun and save some money too. This lovely wreath is just perfect for Thanksgiving. 

Materials Required for the Wreath:

Grapevine wreath
Doll (around 10″ high)
Plastic pumpkins (of nearly same sizes) 
Construction paper (green)
Indian corn (plastic corn)
Wooden Beads
Feathers (Multi-colored)

The Making

  • Take the grapevine wreath.
  • Adjust the doll on the wreath in such a way that it is affixed there firmly. (You can dress up the doll according to your choice. If you wish you can also add more decorations to the doll.)
  • Then glue the plastic pumpkins on the wreath at a difference of about four inches.
  • Just next to all the pumpkins glue sunflowers one by one.
  • Take the construction paper (green) and cut out some leaves shapes from the paper. Then draw the leaf veins on each leaf.
  • Then glue the cuttings of the leaf on the wreath around the sunflowers.
  • Now similarly glue the Indian corns next to every sunflower.
  • Lastly attach all the wooden beads and feathers in such a decorative manner that it covers the entire empty place on the wreath.
Finally you are through with the making of the Thanksgiving Wreath. Place this lovely wreath on the front door at your home. And get ready to receive compliments on this wreath as well as your skills.