Thanksgiving Party Etiquette

Thanksgiving Etiquette

Simple Thanksgiving party etiquette is listed below just as a reminder.  Some of the etiquette listed might seem to be common sense but many times the little stuff is forgotten like greeting guests at the door.

  • Greet guests at the door even good friends and family members.
  • Be cheerful and pleasant at all times.
  • Introduce everybody to each other.
  • Keep the food and drinks coming.
  • Keep circulating making sure everyone is engaged.
  • Have at least one planned activity.
  • If children are coming, have kid friendly food and an activity planned.
  • Pay attention to your guests needs.
  • Offer to contribute to meal preparation and ask for dish to be prepared
  • Appropriately dress yourself for the party
  • Try to reach on time
  • At the meal table, unfold the napkin softly and place the napkin on your lap
  • Avoid checking your phones and messages. Enjoy with the host/friends rather.
  • Once served yourself, pass the serving bowl to the person on your right.
  • Stay at the meal table until all have finished the meal.
  • Offer host in clean up
  • Thank the host for the meal / Thank friends to coming over for the meal