Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID19 Pandemic

virtual get together

Just like the other occasions of 2021, Thanksgiving too would be a lot different this year because of COVID-19 virus spread. And to keep one safe and maintain the social distancing here are some great ideas you can choose to make this virtual Thanksgiving a fun day and be thankful for all the things we … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Games For Adults

party games

Thanksgiving is a special time where family and friends gather to celebrate all the things they’re thankful for. Below you’ll find a variety of Thanksgiving game ideas for engaging your guests over the party and make it a memorable one! Thanksgiving Dinner “I Ate” All the players sit in a circle. The first player starts … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Costumes Ideas


Its time to have fun with family and friends over this Thanksgiving and so get ready to dress for the occasion. Find the variety of Thanksgiving day costumes and dresses for women, men and kids to celebrate this religious festival with all pomp. Our online shop offers some unique pilgrims thanksgiving costume ideas for you, … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Etiquette

Simple Thanksgiving party etiquette is listed below just as a reminder.  Some of the etiquette listed might seem to be common sense but many times the little stuff is forgotten like greeting guests at the door. Greet guests at the door even good friends and family members. Be cheerful and pleasant at all times. Introduce … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Menus

Thanksgiving Party Menu

We have a nice selection of Thanksgiving menus to create an extra special holiday party.  Below are some Thanksgiving entrees, side dishes and desserts. Most of the recipes are easy to make yet taste yummy.  Click the link of each Thanksgiving menu item to view the complete recipe.  To balance out your Thanksgiving party be … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Check list

Thanksgiving Party Checklist

Using a Thanksgiving party checklist is a perfect way to help keep you on track to having a profound and fun holiday.  Take the time to completely review the Thanksgiving Check List below. Use it to make your Thanksgiving party an excellent time for all.   Thanksgiving Party Check List has things to do 3-4 weeks … Read more

Thanksgiving Party Planning

Thanksgiving Party Planning

Thanksgiving party planning can be fun and easy if it is pre-planned. Here are some recipe ideas, menus, party favor ideas, party games idea, others checklist to make your Thanksgiving Party a success. A Thanksgiving party can be a festive time by planning ahead and gathering your crew of family and friends to make the … Read more