The Fall Leaves

These Fall Leaves make beautiful centerpiece. Spread these leaves around the thick candle on the thanksgiving dinner table as a centerpiece and see your guests appraising them. 

Materials Required:

1. Real oak and maple leaves 
2. Window screen (approximately 6 square inches for each leaf you wish to make)
3. Newspaper
4. Gold spray paint
5. White paper
6. Pencil>
7. Scissors
8. Copper paint pen

The Making:

  • First of all collect some real oak and maple fall leaves. Pick the shapes that have some cleanly formed edges.
  • Then take the window screen and cut and paint them all. Make sure that you cut the window screen a little larger than the actual size of the leaf.
  • After cutting the window screens lay them on some newspaper and spray the gold paint on them and let them dry.
  • Then paint the window screens on the other side and again let the paint dry thoroughly.
  • Now transfer the leaf shapes onto the window screens. Lay the leaf on the piece of white paper and put the painted window screen over the leaf.
  • Draw around the leaf with the pencil and also add the veins of the leaf with the pencil.
  • Then cut out the leaf shapes using the scissors.
  • Now with the help of the paint pen edge the leaf and trace over the veins.
  • Again let the paint dry.
  • Finally bend the leaf slightly in order to make it look real and natural.