Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

The Thanksgiving menu is the special menu that consists of those selected dishes, which are especially prepared on the Thanksgiving Day for the Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving dinner is the occasion when the families gather at one place and have their dinner together.

Turkey is the special item that is compulsorily included in the Thanksgiving menu. The recipe of preparing the dishes of turkey may vary but it is considered an inseparable part of the Thanksgiving menu.

The first Thanksgiving menu probably consisted of the dishes such as

· Seethed [boiled] Lobster,
· Roasted Goose,
· Boiled Turkey,
· Fricase of Coney,
· Pudding of Indian Corn Meal with dried Whortleberries,
· Seethed Cod,
· Roasted Duck,
· Stewed Pumpkin,
· Roasted Venison with Mustard Sauce,
· Savory Pudding of Hominy and
· Fruit and Holland Cheese.

In the modern times a wide variety of dishes are being included in the Thanksgiving menu along with the turkey, yet the traditional turkey is still the meat of choice. There is a large variety of food to choose from for a perfect Thanksgiving menu such as

· Goose,
· Duck,
· Ham,
· Corn soup
· Berries
· Some of the sea’s harvests,
· Sweet potatoes,
· Pumpkin Pies,
· Peas,
· Rice dishes,
· Maple sugar candies
· Squash
· Beans and
· Exotic vegetables.

A perfect Thanksgiving menu generally includes the dishes that represent the idea of giving thanks for a good fortune, a good harvesting season, and the sharing of the bounty of happiness with friends and family. And all the dishes together make the celebrations of Thanksgiving Day even more tasteful.