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Thanksgiving Day 2009: Thanksgiving Songs: Grandma Stuffed the Turkey

Grandma Stuffed the Turkey

Then the Turkey Sure Stuffed Us by Ronald J. Euliano ©1997

One day in late November,
When the weather's cold and crisp,
Our Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma's,
We won't miss.
We're counting all our blessings,
With that thankful attitude.
Who do you think we're kidding?
We're really here for food!

Grandma stuffed the turkey
Then the turkey sure stuffed us.
Brussel sprouts, turnips,
And her fresh cut asparagus,
Her pumpkin and apple pies
Make with her famous crust;
Yea, Grandma stuffed the turkey,
Then the turkey sure stuffed us.

Now Grandma got her apron on,
It's the only one she owns.
Grandpa carves the turkey,
Till there's no meat on the bones.
Kids fighting for those drumsticks,
And the wishbone to make a wish
With all that commotion,
We keep fillin' up our dish.

Repeat chorus
Now the men are off the table,
Because the football game is on.
The women are in the kitchen,
Yea, talking up a storm.
The kids are running wild,
Wrestling on the floor.
The game is finally over.
Yea, we can eat some more!

Repeat chorus

Now things are always changing,
But those turkeys stay the same.
Our family keeps a growing,
And Grandma's glad we came.
Adding chairs around the table,
Sometime two or three;
Now with so many people,
There's no leftovers left for me!

Repeat chorus

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